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Venture into what Olivia's guides call, The Rebuild Cycle - a massively sped up and accelerated cycle of time from March 2022 through April 2025 intended to "rebuild" everything around you [and inside of you] at a massive rate. It's all part of our ascension journey and the human consciousness evolution of our planetary body.


These seven chapters hold an important compilation of channeled messages from The Councils of Light, Timeline Guides and Existencia Fields, that came in throughout 2022. They are the most important “keys” to help you understand and navigate this massive cycle of time in our global evolution.


Learn about:


  • The 6 stages of our global transformation through 2039


  • How to navigate this Rebuild Cycle to stay connected to the Source Timeline through this event


  • How your True Self becomes the most important element to this cycle of time


  • What collective timeline shifts will look like moving forward


  • How to release yourself from the False Moon


  • And how to reclaim your mental body from the false programming of the ACT 3D Grid that's dismantling - all the while staying true to your wholeness and light on the Source Timeline.


NOTE: Since this book ships directly from the publisher - shipping can take up to 10-14 days

"Keys to the Rebuild Cycle: Book 1" (Paperback) - Channeled Content


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