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We're at a monumental time upon the planet...



The Earth’s consciousness is merging within our individual consciousness and, with the help of the Diamond Sun, deciding which frequency bands are to stay and continue evolving here. 


As the Diamond Sun frequencies up-level and higher frequencies come through, all life upon Earth that can handle, process, assimilate and transmute these Diamond Sun frequencies will thrive. Those who cannot, will be given a choice - to stay within a contained holographic Earth (the Artificial Timeline) or leave of their own accord.


Everyone I’ve witnessed, who’s integrated these Diamond Sun Codes, has shifted positively into more of their Divine Truth and their unique path upon the Source Timeline. 


Their connection to their Source Purpose, wholeness and True Self deepen, as they begin to work more consciously with the Source frequencies streaming from our Sun during this powerful time.


It is with great honor that I give you the book, which has created so much positive shift and change within my community. 

Source Codes Are Flowing from the Sun...

What you are about to embark upon through these pages is a monumental pivot into more of who you truly are and the Divine Human Form you were meant to inhabit. 


It was early fall, 2021, when the “Diamond Sun” (the Source aspect of our Sun) came to me as a living being pouring Source Codes down into the Earth, aiding our evolution and anchoring the Source Timeline back into the heart of the planet. 


I was to organize a group of aligned people to collectively anchor these Diamond Sun Lightcodes into our DNA and into the Earth’s Diamond Sun within her core. The Diamond Sun Membership lasted from October 2021 through April 2022 and consisted of messages, lightcodes, tools and DNA upgrades channeled from The Diamond Sun Collective of Guides


This book is the compilation of all content I channeled in for the membership during that time. It also contains current channeled commentary from The Diamond Sun Collective to assist us in working with the unique solar energetics present now. 


  GET TO KNOW The Diamond Sun...

Preview 3 chapters from my 2024 release for free!

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Journey with The Diamond Sun Collective into the Source-aligned truths about our Sun




Up-level your life through activating 10 unique Diamond Sun energetics




Awaken 21 specific Divine Human DNA Strands within you through the power of the Sun


Thank you so much for your purchase & support of this work.

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