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Upgrade into your Divine Human DNA through the Source Lightcode Activations flowing from our Sun, with The Diamond Sun Collective as your guide. Get to know the Sun like you've never known before in this transformative read!


  • Up-level your life to Source clarity & truth through 10 unique Solar Codes & Lightcodes streaming forth from the Diamond Sun.


  • Awaken your Divine Human form through the activation of 21 specific Divine Human DNA Strands within you.


  • Evolve your understanding of the Sun and embody the Sun’s natural protection and empowerment.


  • Receive Source lightcodes from the Sun no matter what time of day, state of the weather or location and work with all upcoming, Source-aligned “lightblast events”.


Everyone who’s integrated these Diamond Sun Codes, has shifted positively into more of their truth and unique path upon the Source Timeline. Their connection to their Source purpose and wholeness deepen as they begin to work more consciously with the Source light streaming from our Sun.


It is with great honor that I give you the book that created so much positive shift and change within my community. Enjoy!  -Olivia


NOTE: You'll recieve an ".epub" file with purchase.

"The Diamond Sun" (eBook) - Channeled Content

  • "The Diamond Sun": Copyright © 2024 by Olivia Lundberg | All Rights Reserved

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