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Join Olivia and her guides on the Source timeline in this 3.5 hour, 9-part audio journey! Step out of the artificial 3D grid's notions of health and back into the frequency band of your Divine Human form on the Source timeline - the whole and healthy version of you.


Series Includes:

(all content delivered in 3, easy to download, PDF files) 


  • 9 Audios (3.5 hours) - explore health on the Source timeline​​ through conversations between Olivia and her guides

  • OCT Health Chart - 82 health practices, channeled from the Source timeline, in categories based on resonance with your Divine Human form

  • 11 Worksheets - integrate the information & tools within your daily life


  • OCT Health Tools - simple, yet powerful, daily activities that bring you into wholeness with your health

  • OCT Health Resources - links to articles, products, videos & books to inspire your unique path

  • Transcripts of All Audios - dive deeper into the content


Audio List:


1. Vibrational Eating (11 min)

2. Sleeping in Flow (10 min)

3. Frequency Field Integrity (15 min)

4. Simple & Gentle Support (22 min)

5. Moving into Wholeness (24 min)

6. Water & Breath (29 min)

7. Relationships & Regeneration (30 min)

8. Moving & Trusting Your Body (39 min)

9. Seeing Yourself as Beautiful (37 min)

"Flowing Health on the Source Timeline" 9-Part Audio Series

  • "Flowing Health on the Source timeline; 9-Part Audio Series": Copyright © 2024 by Olivia Lundberg | All Rights Reserved

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