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Enjoy both the Audio and PDF versions of Olivia's 68-page report detailing the new wave of Source Timeline energetics anchoring into Earth beginning May 19th, 2024 [and beyond], channeled directly from her guides , The Councils of Light, Timeline Guides, Founders, INU & Diamond Sun of the Earth to help keep you centered in your True Self on the Source timeline as we venture into the "Eye of the Needle Event" of this Rebuild Cycle.  

Receive 3 files:


  • Full Report PDF - 68-page Eye of the Needle New Earth Report


  • Audio Link PDF - link to listen to Olivia reading the report with her guides' energetics flowing through the audio (9 MP3's, 3 hours of listening time)


  • Meet Olivia PDF - about Olivia with link to explore past and future reports


Note: The information contained in this report goes beyond this cycle of time and can be utilized as reference material for you for years to come. If the following resonants in some way with you, my guides recommend purchasing this report...


Receive detailed messages around the following:


1. Global - Shifting Timelines (Feeling "Out of Sorts"; This Cycle Hasn't Happened in Billions of Years; Your Health Now as a Divine Human; Those Upon the ACTT); The "Eye of the Needle Event" Is Here (Evaluating the Rebuild Cycle; The ACTT Rebuild Cycle; Priorities Will Shift; Tips for this Time)


2. Finances - OCT Financial Systems & Money in 2024 (Shifting Financial Systems; Higher Purpose of ACT Finances; The Next 100 Years; Reclaim Your Money to Bring in Money; Your Diamond Light); 3 Principles of OCT Financial Systems (OCT Financial System Is Ready; "Do No Harm" Systems; OCT Systems within ACT Structures; Principles 1-3 with Tools)


3. Health - Your Restructuring "Empathy Body" (You're Calling Back You Now; Working with Your "New" Empathy Body & Tool)


4. Activations - Types of Activations Present (Elemental Earth; Photonic Light; Star; Tools); Accepting the Paradox (Change of Direction; Shift in Frequencies; Timestreams Shifting into Wholeness; The Paradox)


5. Lost History - Divine Humans of Earth & Past Genetic Experiments (The Arrival of Divine Humans on Earth; The Impact of Genetic Experiments; Protections & Safeguards; Civilizations Disappearing; Unification of Divine Human Tribes; Eliminating Source Genetics; Divine Human Earth Guardians; The Current Disclosure Conundrum)

"Eye of the Needle" - (AUDIO & PDF) Channeled New Earth Report

  • "Eye of the Needle" - Audio & PDF Versions: Copyright © 2024 by Olivia Lundberg | All Rights Reserved

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