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Enjoy Olivia's unique 50-page report (in PDF format) detailing the new wave of Source Timeline energetics anchoring into Earth throughout 2024 [and beyond], channeled (between December 26th, 2023 and January 1st, 2024) directly from her guides , The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides to help align you to your True Self on the Source Timeline this year.


Note: The information contained in this report goes beyond this cycle of time and can be utilized as reference material for you for years to come. If the following resonants in some way with you, my guides recommend purchasing this report.


Receive detailed messages around the following:


1. Global - Uptick in Chaotic Nodes; The Swan; Life Purposes (Children, Nutrition, Support); Endings & Beginnings; No Fear (Releasing the Caregiver)


2. Health - Potential Infections (The Rule of 3; Remember, This Will Pass); Chronic Fatigue & Healing Remedies (Misaligned Resonance Field; Discern the Medical Grid); Communication Failures (Take a Pause; Energetic Heart Conditions; Wholeness Tool)


3. Activations - Galaxy NGC 1672 (The New Generation of Children; Gratitude for the COVID Event); The Andromeda Galaxy & Great Central Sun of Universal Core (The Great Central Sun; The Andromeda Connection); Africa (Universal Ascension)


4. Universe - Important Teachings; General OCT Facts About Your Universe; Outer Limits of Your Solar System; Your Binary (+) Star System (Second Sun’s Wisdom; The Invisible second Sun; “Clarion” & Your Internal Star Maps; Starseed’s Various Star Maps; Our “Third” Dying Sun; Suns Affect Time/Perception); Traveling “Through” the Photon Belts (The Universe Is Made of Light; The Purpose of Photons; Photon Belt Connections; Your Photon Abilities)

"The 2024 Report" - (PDF) Channeled New Earth Report

  • "The 2024 Report": Copyright © 2024 by Olivia Lundberg | All Rights Reserved

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