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Preview of "Souled Beings Only" from Interconnection & Timeline Shifts - Rebuild Series Book 2

Welcome to the preview of "Souled Beings Only" from my new book, Interconnection & Timeline Shifts - Book 2 in the Keys to the Rebuild Series...

This message was originally given to me back in 2022 from my guides, The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides, on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of May 15th, 2022 - a very important date for this rebuild pivot point.

Topics Include:

  • No Fear

  • Souled Beings Only

  • Adjustments

  • Starseeds

  • Your Crew

  • New Moon Frequency Shifts



If you resonate with this message, there's also two more sections to preview from Interconnection & Timeline Shifts - Book 2 in the Keys to the Rebuild Series  -free to read on the blog as well:

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NOTE: My guides use the following terms in their messages:

  • The Rebuild Cycle - an accelerating time from March 2022 - April 2025 intended to "rebuild" everything around and inside of us at a massive rate

  • OCT (Original Creation Template of Source)

  • OCTT (Original Creation Template & Timeline of Source - otherwise known as the Original Source Timeline)

  • ACT (Artificial Creation Template)

  • ACTT (Artificial Creation Template & Timeline otherwise known as the 3D Matrix)

Preview of Chapter 3: Souled Beings Only

From Interconnection & Timeline Shifts - Book 2 in the Keys to the Rebuild Series by Olivia Lundberg

(Originally Channeled May 16th, 2022)

Fear Is an Illusion

There is nothing to be afraid of now and moving forward. Anything you read about that brings in fear is an illusion, designed by the controllers/deep state/cabal to thwart the magnificent and extremely active inner ascension happening now upon your planet. There are many people leaving this earth plane. Some of those people have already had their Souls leave their bodies long before exiting (in this message we use the term “Soul” to mean one’s essence/spark/life force that connects to Source, instead of “container” in the previous chapter). They have been “playing the part” but left their bodies a very long time ago. The Earth’s energetics are not able to hold them any longer, without a Soul connection - a connection to their true essence within Source. This is what today’s marker, you term the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, is ushering in - a new energetic anchoring upon this planet, where lifeforms are now being aligned with the OCT organics of the Earth, instead of technology. However, what conscious orientation these Souled beings choose is still their free will (ACT or OCT).

The time of “organic” lifeforms with connection to individual or group Soul Source energy is upon you. This is what is creating fear in the masses and the collective. So much of what you see around you - the disparaging choices, the “fear porn”, the aggravated interactions - these are all created through “soul-less life forms” [without Source connection] and passed down to interfere with the individual ascension matrix that is fully anchored upon your planet now.

There will be time in the future to acknowledge this and process this cycle in full understanding, but until then, just know that today marks a new beginning within the Earth’s ascension journey and cycles of life upon this earth plane. It is a chance to heal past ACT “karma” that was incurred through genetic experiments to remove Souls connected to Source from creations and manipulate life forms and the life force of this earth plane in order to have the Earth contain and house soulless (no connection to Source) individuals.

More Balance

The Earth is coming into more balance and ushering in organic life forms upon the Original Creation Template and Timeline now. This has been requested by the Divine Humans upon this Earth and the Soul of the Earth for quite some time. Now it is anchoring much more fully and in real time, due to the numbers of awakened Starseeds and Divine Humans who are working with their DNA activations ushered in by the Diamond Sun (your OCT Sun connected to Source) in much more conscious and empowered ways than before. This means you may notice the following as you move forward:

  • More time for things you love - out of the blue having more time and more availability to live your life with more freedom and joy to do the things outside of your daily activities

  • Choosing you becomes easier - less drama from others around what you “need” to do or be

  • More harmonizing with aligned people - those who have Soul energy within them will be more attracted to you now and you’ll be more able to be seen by them

The veils between people will become much thinner and less defined by societal expectations and matrix roles (Artificial Template and Timeline programming). This means, you’ll be more able to see those around you for who and what they truly are and recognize those who are Soul embodied and who are not.

This creates a big “choice point” for you. Your ego programming could rise up to thwart you in your decisions because of this. If this happens, remember, this is a good thing, as the ego programming is not real - it is only a matrix illusion keeping you connected to the Artificial Template and Timeline. When you release the ego programming, you will come to understand that simply moving out of the way of those who are not aligned is the easiest and quickest way to respond to unconscious individuals.


Let those around you walk their path. It will become easier to do and yet, the energetics of connection within the earth planes are also being adjusted as we speak. There may be times, during this adjustment period, you feel more isolated or depressed - thinking you are not connected. This is the release of those old energetics of loss and ego identities within you. This will pass and you will feel the connections to those who are aligned come in. We see this process possibly taking approximately 2 weeks - 2 months, depending upon other factors involved.

Starseeds & Your Crew

There is a lot of talk around the Starseed circles about “full disclosure”. We see this as a...[end of preview]

This is the end of the preview of Chapter 3: "Souled Beings Only". To read the rest of this chapter...

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"Preview of 'Souled Beings Only' from Interconnection & Timeline Shifts - Rebuild Series Book 2": Copyright © 2023 by Olivia Lundberg | All Rights Reserved

Share in whole only - with copyright, author's name and title in tact...If there is something from any part you'd like to share with another, please contact me ( prior, to ask permission.


If you resonated with this message, preview two more sections from Interconnection & Timeline Shifts - Book 2 in the Keys to the Rebuild Series:


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