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"The Artificial Path" - The Diamond Sun of the Earth

Welcome to my guide's, The Diamond Sun of the Earth [the Source-consciousness at the core of the Earth], three part series detailing the main paths available upon the Earth at this time...The Middle Path, The Source Path & The Artificial Path!

In this second part, my guide, The Diamond Sun of the Earth, describes the underlying energetics, purpose and experiences of the Artificial path.

There’s so much information that can be shared about the Artificial path upon the Earth, however, The Diamond Sun of the Earth chose the following to be the most important aspects of this path so we can better understand the core resonance of people and experiences who reside there.

Understanding the core resonance of the Artificial path, where it's come from and why, is a key component to staying upon the Source path and maintaining healthy boundaries. 

Topics Include:

  • Two Paths

  • The Program

  • Purpose

  • Limitations

  • Lack of Connection

  • Earth’s ACT Origins

  • ACTT 3D Grid

  • Impermanence

  • Shifting Out

  • False Light Grids 

  • Energy Vampires

  • Seduction

  • Reclaiming

  • Trauma



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NOTE: My guides use the following terms in their messages:

  • OCT (Original Creation Template of Source)

  • OCTT (Original Creation Template & Timeline of Source - otherwise known as the Original Source Timeline)

  • ACT (Artificial Creation Template)

  • ACTT (Artificial Creation Template & Timeline otherwise known as the 3D Matrix)

The Artificial Path

From The Diamond Sun of the Earth - channeled by Olivia Lundberg

(Originally Channeled February 5th, 2024)

Two Paths

In the grand scheme of creation, within the universal laws of Source, there is no such original Source creation as the Artificial path – hence the term “artificial”. This path, began many eons ago upon your planet, coming from other sectors of this universe and other universes connected to the one Source within creation - created through fractured beings on their journey away from Source. These fractured beings were the result of focused consciousness upon outer world pursuits.

Before we share the details of the Artificial path, we must clarify what consciousness is and the two paths it can take, within creation. Consciousness is awareness and where it focuses its awareness determines the path it is on. Awareness is either directed to the outer world or the inner world of the individual, which expands the container of consciousness in very different directions.

Consciousness focused solely upon experiences of the outer world, always stumbles upon a finite limit of experiences before it has to make a decision whether to shift its direction/path. As the levels of separation from self grows, as one focuses solely upon the material planes of existence, consciousness becomes more fractured. This is the path consciousness takes when one walks the Artificial path.

The other option is to expand one's consciousness through journeying within. This path is the ultimate expression of expansion, as one's inner awareness of the world is deeply connected to Source and flow states. This path leads to expanded states of being, viewpoints and planes of existence through accessing one’s totality and wholeness within. This is the path of consciousness found within the Source path [and to some degree the Middle path].

The Program

Because consciousness growth, within the Artificial path, is relegated to outer world focus [which negates the inner plane of Source within the individual], the basis of the Artificial path is a holographic program within creation. One can visualize the Artificial path as “ones and zeros” or, in essence, a “program” – much like a “computerized program” you have upon Earth. Computerized programs are very linear and logical. They lack an abundance of other aspects of Divine creation within them. Therefore, they are limited in this way - only able to create holographically through resonances of what they deem life to be like or should be like. 

There's a lot of judgment within this program, as it logically deems what is worthy and not worthy to be in existence upon the Artificial path. This programming resided within beings who brought the Artificial path to Earth and created the artificial 3D grid using the energetic resonance of the program within themselves. This program can only create limited, yet structured, holographic (impermanent) form. Therefore, we call this program the Artificial Creation Template (ACT). This is what creates the Artificial Path and all experiences within this frequency band. 


Those who created this program, have an inner directive to be an “adept” - to control information within all universal outlets of creation, until they have become “all powerful” or “one” with infinite amounts of information [not wisdom, but information]. They place “all-knowing” above all else; knowing all there is to know is the prime directive of the Artificial Creation Template and Timeline (ACTT) of this program. There is a desire and fascination with collecting life through collecting the "data" found within experiences. The Artificial path contains the end goal desire “to know all” - not reconnect to one’s core self and truth within. Knowing oneself fully is not within the program of this path. 

Therefore, when one has the sole desire to contain/own all information outside of oneself [without being able to embody wisdom], that is when one knows they are living upon the Artificial path. They have agreed, at some level, to only walk the journey of collecting information and experiences outside of oneself. Within that mindset, one’s understanding then begins to grow [on this Artificial path] into thinking all beings outside of themselves are an experience to collect and there is no judgment upon what experiences they can have. There is a type of “invincibility” inherent to this path – no matter if one is active or passive in nature. One collects experiences and people, that is all. 

Because this path is limited in its nature, only a certain set of experiences can be collected/created. Therefore, it is normal for those upon this path to loop the same types of experiences, while continually adding a new depth of lower emotions such as pain, drama, trauma and discord to them. There is a gradual lowering of frequency inherent upon this path, that the Middle and Source paths do not contain. The Artificial path, if left unchecked, will eventually destroy itself because of this. That is why many upon this path aggressively need to consume experiences to feel anything.


Because of this inner drive to “collect all”, those upon the Artificial path put themselves into a lot of scenarios and experiences that go against their inner wishes, Source purpose and True Self oriented path. It is this “collecting of experiences” that creates the limitation within the lives of those upon the Artificial path. There are only so many experiences one can have upon the Artificial path. Because of this, one creates a looping of experiences. When one is diffusing their energy into these outer experiences, they are not focused within their own truth and disconnected from their Source power within them. 

One’s Source Self is what truly fuels one’s journey, within incarnations. When one is scattered and disconnected in this way, upon the Artificial path, one loses energy very quickly and needs to seek out the external world for their fuel. This is a natural byproduct of the Artificial path’s goal of experiencing and collecting experiences. 

Upon the Artificial path, collecting experiences is very much akin to collecting physical objects, which is an illusion. Those who view the Artificial path from the inner planes of Source, understand experiences [and people] are not collectible; they can never be objects to be collected. Experiences cannot be physicalized in the way that one puts them in a purse or a satchel and takes them on their journey. They are energetic resonances of experiences in time. They are impermanent. 

Yet those upon the Artificial path do not see it from that perspective; they confuse the collecting of experiences with the collecting of physical objects and thus, never achieve their ultimate goal. One can view the making of movies as an Artificial path attempt at collecting experiences. But even movies are impermanent and do not last for eternity.

Lack of Connection

Because one desires, upon the Artificial path, to collect experiences as their end goal, they inherently lack true connection. Jumping from one thing to the next, [randomly and chaotically in this way, with the unachievable goal of collecting certain experiences], keeps them from genuinely connecting to life or their inner path of understanding in order to grow, evolve and truly know themselves. Upon the Artificial path, one disconnects completely from finding oneself. This is why the Artificial path is akin to a type of inner devolution, while the Source path evolves and grows infinitely.

Intuitively one can recognize a “disconnection” within the energy field of those upon the Artificial path. There is a fragmentation around them that is consistent and a vibration emanating from them that stems from their inner desire to have power over others or power over themselves. One can also see the outer world focus and desire of consuming - solely collecting information, experiences and people, without attaining wisdom or integration. Many mental illnesses stem from the devolving nature of the Artificial path and its systems of collecting consciousness. 

Earth’s ACT Origins

Various beings upon your Earth have placed the Artificial path within the Earth’s magnetic field many eons ago in order to control and keep inhabitants “playing their game”. One could say this was a “byproduct” of what these beings who came to the Earth created, as they were creating from this path already. One can also say they did this unconsciously because that was the only path they knew. One can also view it as a bigger agenda, within a bigger universal energetic that wishes to control by utilizing this path. It is ultimately up to the perceiver as to what perspective they opt for. 

However, we wish to offer a third option… and that is this Artificial path is a natural byproduct of all fragmentation within the universal construct of creation - especially within this quadrant of the universe. Many within this quadrant have not understood nor connected to their Source truths. Many got caught up in distractions within their experiences in this universe. Certain frequencies were also created within this quadrant of the universe, in particular, that created a type of fragmentation experience, which looped beings into replaying these again and again. 

Because of these conditions, it was easy for this Artificial path to be expressed in this way upon the Earth. It is a representation of the bigger issue of fragmentation and separation that is looking for wholeness that cannot be found, due to its own lack of power and self-realization. It’s through this fragmentation and separation from Source [and the lack of inherent wisdom within the beings who created this grid] that this grid was put upon the Earth eons ago. 

ACTT 3D Grid

We call this grid, that was placed within the electromagnetics of the Earth eons ago, the Artificial Creation Template and Timeline (ACTT). This is also known as the 3D grid or the matrix in entertainment circles [which we find very appropriate for this grid]. This ACTT grid is an electromagnetic grid made of programs consisting of computer codes from a very high plane of illusionary “base codes” of “ones and zeros”. This is why scientist studying simulation theory find their world operates in much the same way as a computer program – they are examining the Artificial path’s ACTT grid [from their perspective upon the Artificial path]. 

This grid has been “netted” around parts (not all) of your Earth and also above, in certain areas of the atmosphere, in order to hold beings within these two planes (above and below) of limited frequency upon the Artificial path. This grid is where many people find themselves being born within incarnations. In order to incarnate upon this Earth [within these areas containing the ACTT grid and over these eons, as this grid anchored and grew stronger], humans had to “agree” to living within the frequency band of the ACTT grid and Artificial path. 

Most children walk within this grid from birth [and onward]. Their parents most likely walked this Artificial path, as did their parents’ parents before them. Ancestrally, the lineage is long for those who walk the Artificial path. However, those previous generations had a greater level of free will than current generations have now. 

Despite what one may think, there was actually more “freedom” energetics and openings available to people in previous generations. This is also why so much of the history one learns now contains impoverished, lacking, war-torn and enslaved people – to program new generations into believing the Artificial path is strong, real and has been here all along.


There are many more band widths of frequency one can access outside of the Artificial path band width. One must use their understanding and awareness to align to those frequencies within their life. Divine Humans (those with Source codes/templates intact within their DNA and originate from Source creation) have a natural magnetic ability to stay connected to their inner planes throughout incarnations. This ability is not hindered by living within the Artificial path for any amount of time. 

Divine Humans connect naturally in this way and are very much protected to make sure this connection is kept sacred within them. The ACT grid cannot permanently affect their connection to Source. This is the truth Divine Humans vibrate when they incarnate within the ACTT grid – and why one chooses locations for their lives where this ACTT grid is dominant. 

This truth of the impermanence of the Artificial path extends to all beings. Even when one thinks they are “locked” within this ACT grid; one is not permanently encompassed in this grid for the rest of their life. There are always opportunities to journey inside of oneself. This requires the use of one’s consciousness to take the focus away from believing what is seen in the outer world as truth.

Shifting Out

Many opportunities and experiences, within this earth plane, are designed to bring one back into themselves – “breaking the chains” of this Artificial path above and below. Within the frequency band of ACT energetics, when one breaks free of the Artificial path’s illusions, they usually have a cathartic moment - a catalytic experience that jars and shakes them out of their ACT illusions. 

When this happens, one usually begins to open into a sense of having new and different frequencies around them, helping them shift out of that lower frequency band and move into a new awareness of themselves and their place within the world. This beginning process of “testing the waters” [letting the energy stream in a bit from other frequency bands] is where one can easily get looped back into the Artificial path and falsely believe they have reached the end goal of spiritual awakening. 

Many become “caught” in the “spirit world” [lower astral plane of frequencies], as this is the first frequency band that arrives in this beginning phase. This is also why those upon the Artificial path either avoid thinking about anything non-physical (victim mindset) or are looking for more experiences where they connect with other planes of existence and/or spirits (this is the consume mindset - to collect more information and experiences, but not embody wisdom). The Artificial path contains many different types of polarities, which includes extremes in personalities and emotions – from extreme passivity/resistance to aggressively active and over-indulgent.

False Light Grids 

This is the first challenge many, who are opening into “a new way of being” outside of the Artificial path, face. Many “get lost” within “false light grids” of the lower astral plane, which keeps one in a type of “pocket universe” within the Artificial path. There are many “pocket universes”, parallel realities and sub-creation zones located within the Artificial path. 

False light grids are the creation template of various pocket universes many metaphysicians work within. This is a type of holographic reality, which contains false “bliss and light” codes and “do no harm” programming. These elements have been adapted from simplistic understandings of Source and spiritual journeys and then inverted to become a “bliss playground”. However, this playground collects beings in order to populate the Artificial path. 

Remember, the desire to collect all information and experiences throughout creation is the end goal of the Artificial path [no matter how limited this is, they still believe they can achieve it]. Therefore, beings within the Artificial path do not want to repeatedly collect only negative experiences; they are also trying to collect the positive experiences as well [understanding life only through extremes in polarity]. 

Unconsciously, these beings upon the Artificial path have inverted their natural desire to connect within themselves. Unable to do this, they create an illusion of what they think Source is like using false light grids to create their version of heaven/paradise through a holographic representation found within the lower astral plane. This representation is a surface assimilation of an inversion of a Source they cannot contain nor understand. It exists only within the outer level of existence – not within oneself. 

If one encounters this false light grid, going inward is the way out. Feel into the truth and energetics of this space and the truth of this illusion will become known – thus releasing one from this holographic reality. 

Energy Vampires

Many beings upon the Artificial path could be called “energy vampires” - an extreme polarity that exists within the ACTT grid. We do agree with this assessment, however, all within the Artificial path consume information as energy - so one could say all who are living from the Artificial path (even those unaware people being consumed) are a type of energy vampire to a varying degree. It is the experience everyone upon the Artificial path is really after – especially another person’s experience [and their body].

Recognition of another person’s rights and boundaries are not deemed important upon the Artificial path, unless doing so keeps the person attached to them. There is an inherent co-dependency within all Artificial path experiences, in this way, in order to keep people engaged in the ACT program and populating the many worlds within the Artificial path.

Therefore, it is up to those who are around beings within the Artificial path to keep in place strong boundaries between them. Those upon the Artificial path have not embodied themselves [they cannot go within, nor have the wisdom to understand who they are], so they focus upon the outer world and view others as a vehicle to collect more experiences.

To side-step the ethics involved in this type of creation, the ACTT grid has a program that runs which allows people upon the Artificial path to consciously believe they are consuming experiences and information only, not another person's rights and free will. This program also creates the belief that the other people they are involved with can exercise their free will and not play the game at anytime. 

Because free will is central principle of Source creation, and everyone has the right to choose what they experience, the Artificial path is allowed to exist within creation. The Artificial path argues it is their right to experience creation in this way because Divine free will is in play and they do so as "free will beings" – as well as others who are connected to them. This is the loophole they use to exist within a Source creation of "do no harm". 

Everyone has the ability [although, one can argue it has been purposefully veiled upon the Earth] to recognize when they are around someone who only wants an experience [and person] to collect and is not able to go within or see the truth of another because they are unable to embody themselves fully in that way. When one recognizes they are with someone like this, we recommend using a statement of non-consent and then stepping out of that experience. 

Many things that exist within the Artificial path are allowed to exist because of sub-creation zones and loopholes within universal law. The very act of beings creating their own ACTT grid upon planets, in a very interesting way, creates a sub-zone (outside of Source) where beings have to agree to be part of those experiences in order for those experiences to exist. 

Therefore, those who find themselves in those Artificial path experiences have the free will to choose a different path and experience and leave the sub-creation zone entirely. This is what is happening now upon Earth, as more humans awaken to the frequencies they’ve been living in, go within and find their home within their internal Source resonance – instead of outside themselves in “pockets” the Artificial path created.


Upon this Artificial path, many connections are created in the physical plane when one spends long periods of time in relationship with people within the Artificial path. Therefore, it feels overwhelming to imagine how to extricate oneself from what seems to be a “never ending” loop of enmeshment. Consuming energetics are part of the ACTT grid [because of the nature of collecting experiences] and are very intense - no matter if they emanate within more aggressive personalities upon the Artificial path or more passive. 

Upon the Artificial path, one can be seduced by this consuming energetic because there is so much programming in place within the entertainment industries to keep people staying on the Artificial path by normalizing [ACTT grid] addiction and desire. One can feel this consuming desire from another as an unquenched thirst that never seems to go away. This consuming energetic is what one is extricating themselves from, when they choose to leave a relationship upon the Artificial path. 

However, when one lives from their inner planes, upon the Source path, there is no such thing as the energetics of seduction and desire. Within one’s inner planes, there are only flow states that feel authentically aligned, genuine and deeply enjoyable through the very nature of one’s evolution and growth into more wholeness – this includes sexual experiences within the Source path as well. 


In order for one to step out of the Artificial path, there needs to be a reconnection to their truth within. When this connection is made, their ability to discern, utilize their consent and engage with their core truth begins to grow.  One always has the power and sovereignty to choose their path at any given time. 

Once chosen, those upon the Source path are continually sifting through each level of their life to stay connected to the frequency band of the Source path and the Source timeline, through their inner planes. Through this process, one can encounter areas where a specific frequency of their life has been “collected” within the Artificial path. This begins the reclaiming process where they temporarily “drop” into that area to assess it and, through conscious awareness, lift it up into that higher Source path frequency band. 


These areas that are reclaimed usually stem from trauma within the Artificial path. Trauma is a common Artificial path experience that is purposefully [and afterwards unconsciously] used to disconnect people from their Source connection within themselves in order to keep people [as well as other lifeforms within Earth] upon the Artificial path and all of its sub-creation zones of experience. The Artificial path cannot exist if there is no lifeform that chooses to be a part of the experience. Hence, the reason why many extremes, such as trauma, are used to fracture individuals into playing the game.

Many beings who have a higher level of consciousness (doesn’t mean they have to be aligned to Source), and who choose to stay upon the Artificial path, use trauma to their advantage - fragmenting people for their own benefit, in order to power their own path and keep themselves embodied upon the Earth. There are many beings, within the lower astral plane of spirit, who are also connected to the ACTT grid in this way. They purposefully use this grid as a way to come into physical form around various parts of Earth [the ACTT grid encapsulates].

There are many Artificial path beings who have learned about this and use it to their advantage. They “tweaked” portions of the ACTT grid, controlled it and cast many “spells” upon this energetic net to “entice” the lower fragmented realms of the invisible planes, within your physical reality, to come through in the ways they want. This is done primarily through the use of fear, pain and trauma.

Many within the Artificial path are unconsciously choosing experiences, which connect them to these lower astral plane beings looking to experience the physical plane of Artificial path existence. Most addictions, substances and entertainment, which further fragment consciousness from Source, are used in this way. It is, therefore, important to reclaim those areas of self [connected to these Artificial path experiences], back from these spaces and set sovereign space by discerning what and who are aligned to one’s unique path.

Within you lies a recognition of what is real and what is not – what is aligned and what is not. Each person holds an understanding of who they really are, within themselves. At this connected level, reconnection to and with oneself is about wholeness - a reclaiming of the parts that have become fragmented through trauma, fear and manipulation [especially within this earth plane]. 

It becomes extremely important to recognize the full frequency band of the Artificial path, so one stays upon the higher frequency path of their choosing during this cycle of time especially. Remember, it is the nature of the Artificial path to collect and consume. Steering clear of another’s desire to collect, is respecting one’s wholeness and sovereignty. Letting others walk the path they have chosen requires one to discern which path they are on. 

We send you much love on what can look like the most complicated of journeys currently being experienced upon the Earth and remind you it is also a very simple journey…as it is always within you - your truth and reality. Go within and find your light, for it is within, where you will find you.

In connection to the core of your truth,

- The Diamond Sun of the Earth

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