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Preview "Your Original Earth" from The Reclaiming Report

Welcome to the preview of "Your Original Earth" from the Lost History section of "The Reclaiming" New Earth Report

Why do we have such negative frequencies and conflicting duality upon this planet?

Find out what my guides, The Founders of Creation, have to say about how the Earth came to be and what the original Earth was like millions of years ago in the preview below of their channeled message from "The Reclaiming" New Earth Report.

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NOTE: My guides use the following terms in their message:

  • OCT (Original Creation Template of Source)

  • OCTT (Original Creation Template & Timeline of Source - otherwise known as the Original Source Timeline)

  • ACT (Artificial Creation Template)

  • ACTT (Artificial Creation Template & Timeline otherwise known as the 3D Matrix)

from "The Reclaiming" - New Earth Report

Channeled by Olivia Lundberg from The Founders of Creation

Earth's Lost History: "The Lowering of Earth’s Field”

(This section is intended to awaken the remembering of our ancient wisdom & achievements.  Please note, this was channeled to me from my guides and cannot be found in history books.  As such, use your discernment when reading and leave what does not resonate as truth for you. To read the first 5 lost history teachings, please see Olivia’s book, Earth's Lost History; Part 1 )

We are with you now and forever.

The sixth teaching of "the lost history of earth", is about the lowering of Earth’s Field. 

There are many reasons why the earth is in a very lowered state of consciousness - replete with pollution, radiation and a large gamut of extra sensory waves, frequencies and negative health energetics.  The specific point of view we wish to share with you as to why this has happened is this…

The earth “herself” merged with another “body” millions of years ago.  This combination of energetics designed the planet you are on now, which is continually releasing and combining these energetics in a type of looping configuration.  This is what you are also doing within your own human form and being shown to do in your own healing journey upon the earth.    

But, instead of completing this cycle, you too are continuing to loop this cycle of “combining and releasing energetics” - trying to make the two come together.  These two bodies may have been one at some point but continuing to want to go back in time when they were unified - instead of moving forward into new configurations and harmonics together – creates an endless supply of tension/conflict/polarity.

This is where you find yourself within this new earth template and why we wish to explain the lost history of these two bodies merging into the planet you have today. 

Your Original Earth

The beginning of this event was approximately 375 million years ago in your current timeline within the 5th dimensional Source Fields.  Earth was a different kind of earth than you know today at that time.  The air was thinner and also held more oxygen rich elements and other substantive qualities that made optimum growing habitats for all life upon the planet.  Creations upon earth were vast, rich and nutrient dense.  There were many habitats one could explore, if one wanted to do so.  

Many other races of beings came from all over the galaxy and beyond to partake in this abundance of life and elements.  For each element that was mined, it regrew very quickly, and the fortification of energetics and nutrient dense atmospheres and land were contained within a very protective layer around the earth in its higher atmospheres.  This protective layer held these qualities in, regrew things quite quickly and contained life-giving and life-sustaining energetics and materials for whatever life forms needed to be birthed upon the earth.

This protective layer has been spoken of in different ancient texts and is now no longer what it used to be around your earth.  Your earth today has released much of this layer due to what we are about to speak of that happened in earth’s long history millions of years ago.

When earth grew and expanded in size and quality, over 375 million years ago, it did so at a steady but fluid pace.  Its movements were at times quick and harsh and at others smooth and steady.  The lifeforms that were upon the earth and the visitors who came to know and love this planet were always protected in this movement and expansion.  The earth “cradled” her inhabitants by sending a communicative energetic frequency to all life forms upon her so they would know when the contractions and expansions would occur.  

This frequency of communication is still present today in those life forms who are attuned to earth’s subtle frequencies.  Back in the past we speak of, however, this communication was very well noticed, not so subtle – very direct.  One could understand clearly what the earth was creating, doing and moving into at any given time.  All visitors upon the planet knew how to read this energy signature as well, and no one was without this assistance in understanding.

As the earth expanded, there was a large cycle of time that occurred alongside it.  There was much activity in the proceeding galaxy that ushered in a wave of energetics towards the place earth occupied at the time.  This place within your galaxy that the earth is now inhabiting was not the place it was within 375 million years ago when this event took place.  The earth we speak of that had the abundance of life and communication system in place was in fact originally located …[end of preview]

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