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Preview of "Norse Gods & True Viking History" from Earth's Lost History - Part 1

Welcome to "Norse Gods & True Viking History" from my new book, Earth's Lost History - Part 1...

The following preview is from Chapter 4: "Norse Gods & True Viking History", which outlines the origins of the Viking Gods and their travels throughout time and space, as well as their imprisonment and rebirth.

The information I've chosed to preview highlights the beginnings of these "gods" - how, why and where they time traveled and for what purposes.



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NOTE: My guides use the following terms in their message:

  • OCT (Original Creation Template of Source)

  • OCTT (Original Creation Template & Timeline of Source - otherwise known as the Original Source Timeline)

  • ACT (Artificial Creation Template)

  • ACTT (Aritificial Creation Template & Timeline otherwise known as the 3D Matrix)

Preview of Chapter: 4 "Norse Gods & True Viking History"

From Earth's Lost History - Part 1 by Olivia Lundberg

Norse Gods & True Viking History

(From the August 27th, 2022 New Earth Report, “New Purpose”)

From the Founders of Creation:

We are with you now and forever.

The fourth teaching of “the lost history of earth”, is about the Norse gods & True Viking history. Who are the real Vikings and Norse gods of history and what is their connection to the grand cycle of time upon this earth?

The real nature of the “True Vikings” is not what you have been led to believe, nor told throughout history. There was a time when the true nature of these people and their ‘gods’ were known throughout the lands. The True Vikings were a concoction of many differing groups of people from a specific region in the world at the time - during periods of 4D earth and then 3D earth.(67)

67. There are multiple “earth planes” in existence that operate in different regions along the space time continuum, according to my guides. These earth planes, where the True Viking history was known, were located at different points within this continuum, that we would describe as “4D” and “3D” – which my guides call “periods of 4D earth and then 3D earth”. These are not parallel earths, but rather different consciousness and elemental earths that hold different qualities. Upon 3D earth, my guides tell me, the Vikings were separated into many different groups and lost their True History. Upon 4D earth, the true stories of the Vikings were known, but not completely understood.

The North Men - “Gods” of the Norse Men

These North Men [people at the time recalled] “came from the sky” - from the depths of all that was considered holy and valued by the people living on 5D earth in that region at the time. The people on the 5D earth at the time cast their glances northward to understand the arrival of these ‘gods’ who they came to know as time travelers. The people of this 5D earth came to know themselves as the “descendants of these great gods”(68).

Much later, the 3D humans in this region of the world associated themselves with these “gods” from the sky.(69) They created mythology around the lives of these beings - from old passed down stories put into their own point of view, as many 3D people at the time were unaware of time travel technology.

Thus, “Odin lost an eye” - they knew not how - so they created a story to befit their understanding. They saw Odin’s raven as a guide of Odin because when this “god” came to earth many birds and dark wings beings hovered around him - the oral traditions stated. “Dark winged” time travel technology [that was known at the time of their original arrival] was actually “attached” to his being in the etheric planes, as he ventured upon the earth.(70)

68. These time travelers (North Men) were their future descendants according to the dimensional equations of time and space – higher dimensions are able to hold further (future) spaces in time along the continuum.

69. Along the line of dimensional future descendants, 3D earth people therefore would be connected to the Norse Men and 5D earth’s lineage as well – as ancient ancestors.

70. My guides tell me “dark winged” time travel technology is a type of outdated etheric time jumping technology that opens wormholes as one passes through time and space. The opening of these wormholes in this way creates an energetic vapor in the etheric planes that passes through time and space and can attach to the auras of individuals who travel in this way through time. Many devices and technologies have been created by earth governments to conceal this technology and the byproducts, as well as detect this etheric vapor to determine who has time traveled using this technology.

These Gods Are Your Future Selves

These “gods” are your future selves who were in search of a solution. They were a Pleiadean Time Travel crew [originally from 8D earth millions of years ago] who time traveled to 5D earth approximately 300,000 years ago.

These divine humans, whom we will call the ‘North Men’, were originally from an 8D earth and traveled to the Pleiades star system to became part of the Pleiadean Time Travel Crew where they spent many generations(71). They were the “future selves” of 3D & 5D earth humans. In attempts to reroute energetics back to original directives of space and time, they used time travel to “venture out” and jump timelines. They were explorers, looking for ways to better their community.

71. Time is different in 8D - generations can be experienced during one lifetime.

Their Time in the Pleiades

They always had access to time travel [even on their original 8D earth], as that was the ‘order’ or ‘system’ for which they were a part of. Their decision to travel from their original 8D earth to the 8D Pleiades Star System began with an ‘order’ from a higher up in the line of ‘command’. This order included finding a “solution” to a problem within their 8D earth that originated in a previous 5D earth timeline.

This problem was one of “occurrence” - when did they originate and with whom did they originate? They were trying to find the origins of a type of new species that wasn’t aligned to their world’s energetics. They went first to the Pleiades who, at the time, were advanced in the ways of using consciousness to jump timelines without error - without creating “false time compartments”(72) if they traveled with a lower consciousness intention.

After their period of learning, they went on their first mission to find the solution for their original 8D earth - “back in time” [from 8D to 5D] to find the originating point of this “out of alignment” species.

72. False time compartments, according to my guides, are areas along the time and space continuum where pockets of “out of the ordinary” travel events occur. False time jumping and non-essential time portals are housed here. The creation energetics of OCT Source utilizes these compartments to make sense of out of the ordinary movements within the tapestry of time and space. Intention is the key to the creation of these compartments. If one is intending to do harm to the original timeline, then one creates within these compartments of “false time”. Therefore, all nefarious time jumping is regulated to these compartments and does no harm to the main timeline if those who witness these nefarious activities do not give consent. These actions then are contained within these compartments. This is what we are witnessing now, as the ACT timeline dismantles – the dismantling of these compartments.

Missed Coordinates

At this coordinate of 5D earth(73), this species was…[end of preview]

73. The 5D earth they found themselves within after their time jump.

This is the end of the preview of Chapter 4: "Norse Gods & True Viking History". To read the rest of this chapter...

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