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Preview of "The Relationship Separation Gene" from Earth's Lost History - Part 1

Welcome to "The Relationship Separation Gene" from my new book, Earth's Lost History - Part 1...

The following preview is from Chapter 5: "The Relationship Separation Gene", which outlines the gene that creates the belief/feeling of separation within relationships, how to release this gene and why it happened in the first place.

The information I've chosen to preview highlights the cosmic gene altering energetic that hit various areas and dimensions of the universe, creating the belief/feeling of separation and why that was allowed to occur.



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NOTE: My guides use the following terms in their message:

  • OCT (Original Creation Template of Source)

  • OCTT (Original Creation Template & Timeline of Source - otherwise known as the Original Source Timeline)

  • ACT (Artificial Creation Template)

  • ACTT (Aritificial Creation Template & Timeline otherwise known as the 3D Matrix)

Preview of Chapter: 5 "The Relationship Separation Gene"

From Earth's Lost History - Part 1 by Olivia Lundberg

The Relationship Separation Gene

(From the October 16th, 2022 New Earth Report, “Physical Upgrade”)

From the Founders of Creation:

We are with you now and forever.

The fifth teaching of “the lost history of earth”, is about the gene(82) that created relationship separation. There was a time upon your earth where hearts were different.(83) There was a different resonance field which allowed for true deep, respectful and loving relationships to form within large communities. Very seldom do you see large communities working in harmony now - whether that be through movies, media or in the “real” world.

They do not exist in the ways in which they did previously. This is because of a “gene insert” that has taken hold and was anchored by more nefarious energies(84) hitting your planet before time existed - outside of time and in multiple dimensions at once.

That which many deem “black goo”(85) is connected to and attracted to this gene insert. Its purpose is to help “switch over”(86) life into more separation-based narratives, relationships and communities.(87)

82. “Gene”, as my guides are using this word, is meant to denote the genetic energetic material and frequencies that stream from deep within the universe to alter genetic pathways within living beings.

83. According to my guides, 30 years ago (1989/1990) we pivoted into living directly from this relationship separation gene for a number of reasons. Before this pivot, we held this gene deep within our core genetic materium and it laid dormant for many people. This gene grew in strength over the past 3 million years in our current timeline.

84. “Nefarious energies” represents a small fraction of the totality of creation. These energetics went against Source directives and were created from beings which held dominant “separation energetics” within the universal tapestry. These separation energetics [and these beings] were born out of anomalies in time and space and are being integrated now.

85. which forms in pockets upon the earth and has been found to be part of ACT energetics

86. invert

87. One could say this is what we are working on – flipping these inversions back into right-side-up Original Source Directives of Creation.

Dimensions Affected by This Gene

This gene was “implanted” into many dimensions at once, within your known universe. It traveled far and wide after it first laid dormant for many thousands of years. The dimensions(88) that contained this gene implant were the 3rd, 6th & 9th.

These are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd universal harmonics(89). The 3rd dimension contains all 1st - 3rd dimensional beings (rocks, plants, animals) within them; the 6th dimension contains all 4th - 6th dimensional beings within them; the 9th dimension contains all 7th - 9th dimensional beings within them - these are the three overarching universal harmonics or triads that create worlds.

Interestingly, the dimensions that were most affected were the 3rd and the 9th. The 6th dimension was already “used to” many varying types of beings and spiritual genetic modifications and did not receive negative effects - as they were already able to discern the waves’ misalignment.(90)

88. within our known universe

89. Many believe Universal Harmonics to exist within the dimensional universe. According to universal harmonics, every three dimensions (1-3, 4-6, 7-9, etc.) creates a universal harmonic or a harmonic universe. According to my guides, these universal harmonic triads contain harmonizing dimensions and life/consciousness that can co-exist evenly and naturally. Life and dimensions within these harmonic universes can contain other consciousness-based life forms that connect to higher dimensions, but within the “visible” spectrum, they only “see” beings within their own triad and use their consciousness to connect to beings outside of these dimensions.

90. According to my guides, beings in the 6th dimension are connected very deeply to our world and rely upon our consent and choices to organize beings and consciousness within their own dimension. This is why our consent statements are so very powerful now. What we choose organizes the higher dimensions.

Its Origins

This gene modification came from various areas within creation. It was as if all the energetics that created this modification came together at the perfect time for it to occur. But in actuality many beings on the ACT were working together to bring this about. This was not isolated to one particular planet of origin but happened “out in the ether” of time and space originally.

This created a type of wave(91) or frequency that swept over various areas of the known universe. Those affected by this wave of gene modifying frequencies were all life forms, excluding the plant/mineral kingdoms.(92) This wave created and modified beings into a new type of being that felt “separate” from the group.

As most gene modifying waves within the universe hit at times when the evolution of the universe is needing a catalytic event to move it on its way to grander levels of creation, this wave hit in similar energies as well.(93) This wave was not from Source, nor from the Original Source Timeline.

Many in the higher dimensions [that remember this wave] felt as if many beings could utilize its frequencies and evolutionary energetics for the highest good of all.(94) This did not turn out as hoped. It had the effect of further isolating large numbers of life forms, which were then more susceptible to enslavement and control.

91. According to my guides, the vast geography of “empty” space that we think exists is actually made up of wave-like particles that occupy entire quadrants, much like a type of etheric water vapor. Many scientists and philosophers of old understood this and named it “aether” or “ether”. This also corroborates information in “Chapter 3: The Great Floods”, which mentioned water being created from the ether. Due to this water-like substance in the cosmos, this gene frequency wave was able to travel quickly throughout the universe, as water-like substances carry frequency quickly and contain high-frequency memory/communication abilities within them.

92. According to my guides, the plant and mineral kingdoms did not receive this gene insert because of their unique characteristics and modes of communication that are unlike other life forms. They relate to one another in a much more wholistic way that cannot be manipulated easily. This is why connecting to plant and mineral life is so very healing to humans.

93. According to my guides, we are bombarded by gene modifying frequencies all the time. Our sense of self and connection to our True Self/Source is what determines which frequencies penetrate us and shift our DNA. We are in charge of our sovereignty and health always. We are not victims of our experience and frequencies around us. If we identify as our ego and ACT self, then we are victims and our DNA shifts into ACT oriented creations.

94. They believed lifeforms could transmute it into a positive force and work within its confines to help the evolution of consciousness throughout the universe.

Righting the Wrong

Many of you, who have incarnated now, are here to “right the wrong” and get back…[end of preview]

This is the end of the preview of Chapter 5: "The Relationship Separation Gene". To read the rest of this chapter...

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