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10-Week INU Light Level

Application Deadlines: one week before 1st class call
We meet weekly via Zoom - taking holiday weeks off
For specific dates... Contact Olivia



Thank you for your interest in my 10-Week INU Light Training!  


Acceptance into this small unique group training will be based upon the answers you give in this application.  


You will be notified via email shortly after you submit the application letting you know if you got in to this current round along with next steps. 



To apply, please take the time to fill out the information below.

I am a “Glass-Half-Full” Female Empathic Lightworker who has healed a major portion of my journey, ready to embody my True Self and Divine Human Form on the Original Source Timeline and resonate to the Soul Mission of the INU.
What level of INU Light are you wanting to attend?
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