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"Frequencies of Disease" - The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides

How does disease manifest and where does its frequency come from?

There are many frequencies within and around us. How we interact with and understand these frequencies is key to our health.

Your Cosmic Body and Divine Human Form uderstand how to work with these. Find out how to do this below in the messages from my guides.

Check out what they said below…



NOTE: My guides use the following terms in their messages:

  • OCT (Original Creation Template of Source)

  • OCTT (Original Creation Template & Timeline of Source - otherwise known as the Original Source Timeline)

  • ACT (Artificial Creation Template)

  • ACTT (Artificial Creation Template & Timeline otherwise known as the 3D Matrix)

Frequencies of Disease

From The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides - channeled by Olivia Lundberg

(Originally Channeled September 19th, 2023)

The frequencies of disease, as we see it from this perspective, is a low frequency, long wave form upon your electromagnetic grid. One can see these as ultra-low radio waves, although there is an even lower frequency band than is reported by your sciences on the graphs of the electromagnetic spectrum. They do not share these with you from the mainstream science perspective. 

This band is kept a secret because disease is created by this very low non-visible, non-auditory [by your human ears and physical senses] reality. This band has become manipulated to create disease within the environment, within the food you eat, within the water you drink and within the air and atmosphere you breathe.

In order for you to resonate to this frequency, you must be unaware and unconscious. However, at times, those of you who are conscious and aware will utilize these frequencies to shake things up within you - to activate a transportive/transformative event within your life that moves you onto higher frequency bands. It is a very conscious process that is co-creative. 

From the question you asked, we are reading the word “disease” from the perspective of a “victim” mindset or frequencies that do not take the sovereignty and responsibility of the person into account. They run amok within the frequency fields of those who are unaware when these low band frequencies are not worked with consciously because somebody's field of energy is not sovereign. They have not taken responsibility, have not been hosted completely by the Soul and the essence of that true core Source Self. 

Those low frequency bands can come in whenever the body or the consciousness is in this state of fear, which usually is all the time as an unconscious being. They also can come in when the body or the consciousness is in a state of needing a savior - thinking they don't have any control or exerting control because they do not feel they are in control. All of these states [and many more that would run through an unconscious individual] can welcome and work with these low frequency bands. 

It is interesting to note, however, no matter how unconscious one is, there is a state of protection that is a default mechanism of the human form and the Earth itself. This is what you would call the “contract” the Earth has with all living beings upon it. Therefore, you don't see unconscious people always succumbing to disease or always having disease oriented low frequency bands running within them. 

To remove yourself from this low frequency band requires a sense of awareness - a sense of understanding of frequency in the way that extremely low frequencies can affect you and your cellular landscape when you are not conscious of them. Therefore, we highly recommend going about your day “setting space” in and out of experiences. When you end an experience, reset your space. When you begin your day, reset your space. When you start a new chapter of your day, reset your space. At every moment you are empowering yourself through your consent statements. 

The general consent statement that Olivia uses, we highly recommend as she has forged this over the decades with her guides and through her healing practice with her clients. She has come to this very nice statement of consent that we highly recommend [if it resonates for you] to use for yourself. She gives us permission to share this with you all as well. Her statement goes something like this:

“I am clear of everyone else’s energies. I am grounded in my true toroidal energy fields. I am centered in my True Self and Source Fields always. I am safe and protected by OCT Source, my OCT Source Family and my OCT Wholeness always. I am the Original Creation Template and Timeline of Source in all ways. I do not consent to any physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etheric or archontic harm to myself, my family, my home, my livelihood, my relationships, my channel, my OCT guides, my OCTT paths, and my OCT Source and so it is.” 

In this way [when you speak the above] you have eliminated and stepped away from the extremely low frequency bands of perception. 

She also adds a specific command/consent statement, throughout her day, when she feels these extremely low frequency bands. You can feel and sense these when you're aware of them. As you move about your day, through different areas, the towers and technology can vibrate these low frequency bands, as well as pockets within the Earth, people around you and so forth. When you feel those lower frequency bands, she likes to say to herself: “Activate my ELF, EMF protection.” Or “ELF, EMF protection activate now.” In so doing, she recognizes and takes action upon what is going on around her. 

The key with these statements is that words are frequencies and vibrations. They are the creation point. When you speak from a space of awareness, it actually manifests. You can create an energetic sphere around you, through these statements, that keep out, transmute or shift out of your reality these frequency fields. While it is true that sound and frequency can move through any substance, it is consciousness that dictates where those frequencies are headed and how far they can penetrate.

Therefore, with your increased awareness through using consent statements and clearing commands [that we have given above] throughout your day, you're fortifying your truth, sovereignty and empowerment, while also fortifying your consciousness to dictate and reroute frequencies coming into your space. 

This is the natural ability of your Divine Human form you are all coming back to. In this way, this is also how your inner world shifts your outer world. These statements are not just “hopes and dreams”. These are your power points of creation. Your consciousness is the driver of your life experience and moves your vehicle into places that are aligned or not aligned depending upon where you place your consciousness. We highly recommend you doing this in this way. This is the frequency field of your Divine Human form. 

With love in our hearts for you all at this time,

-The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides

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