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Preview "New Sexuality Template for Women" from Shifts & Magnitude Report

Welcome to the preview of "New Sexuality Template for Women" from the Shifts & Magnitude New Earth Report

We have two new body templates that have come in during this new cycle of time...

  • OCT Sexuality Template

  • OCT Nervous System Template

Find out what my guides have to say about the new Sexuality Template in their channeled message from the "Shifts & Magnitude" New Earth Report. As always, take what resonates and leave the rest behind.

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NOTE: My guides use the following terms in their message:

  • OCT (Original Creation Template of Source)

  • OCTT (Original Creation Template & Timeline of Source - otherwise known as the Original Source Timeline)

  • ACT (Artificial Creation Template)

  • ACTT (Artificial Creation Template & Timeline otherwise known as the 3D Matrix)

from the "Shifts & Magnitude" - New Earth Report

Channeled by Olivia Lundberg from The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides

New OCT Sexuality Template 

We see the general sexuality template of women in your society as divinely orchestrated, yet spontaneous and can hook in very easily to the ACT the sexuality template. We are talking of the “old” template from which you have been creating [and women collectively have been utilizing] for the past hundreds of thousands of years upon Earth. This old template has been manipulated to create false and illusionary states of what it means to be a woman and what it means to be incarnated as a woman upon this Earth - within enslavement programs and manipulated mind control experiences. 

This old template was necessary for reproductive purposes but was not interdependent with other templates upon the planet. Therefore, women felt very isolated and different than others in a way that did not enhance their spirituality, separated themselves from their bodies and created schisms within their body and their mind templates. 

This new template has arrived because of Sun energetics and Earth shifting components. These two major bodies of the Sun and Earth affect women's bodies more than women realize. In general, men's bodies are more affected by outward, societal, tribal and communal energetics than bodies of planets or cosmic energies hitting the planet. This is why many men (not all) have a slower time evolving upon your world. Their templates will be shifting in the coming years as well. Woman's templates are shifting now to usher in men's templates in the future. 

This template has arrived and will be received by those who have requested it [on the Source timeline]. This upgrading will look different for every woman's body. Many will feel more PMS symptoms, even if they are not within the regular timeframe for that to happen within their menstrual cycle or no longer have a menstrual cycle. They will have potential discomfort or awareness of their lower abdomen and uterine areas. There will be inner thigh issues that could arise or discomfort within the groin including, but not limited to, rashes, old issues resurfacing within the vagina and different kinds of UTI’s. 

Things of this nature are always a sign, not of disease, illness or imbalance, but of detoxification and clearing. Whatever you can do to help release those energies and aid the body by supporting it will do wonders. This will not be a prolonged process. Women can prolong this process, however, and make these energies that are trying to leave stuck [or keep them stagnant for a while] when they…[end of preview] 

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