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Preview "The Eclipses of October, 2023" from Shifts & Magnitude Report

Welcome to the preview of "The Eclipses of October 2023" from the Shifts & Magnitude New Earth Report

We have two extremely powerful eclipses for North America in October, 2023, which will have pivotal effects on our relationships...

  • October 14th – Annular Solar Eclipse – US & South America

  • October 28th – Partial Lunar Eclipse

Find out what my guides have to say about these eclipses and their significance for us moving forward in their channeled message from the "Shifts & Magnitude" New Earth Report.

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NOTE: My guides use the following terms in their message:

  • OCT (Original Creation Template of Source)

  • OCTT (Original Creation Template & Timeline of Source - otherwise known as the Original Source Timeline)

  • ACT (Artificial Creation Template)

  • ACTT (Artificial Creation Template & Timeline otherwise known as the 3D Matrix)

from the "Shifts & Magnitude" - New Earth Report

Channeled by Olivia Lundberg from The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides

October Eclipses

- October 14th Annular Solar Eclipse in US & South America

- October 28th Partial Lunar Eclipse

It will be spectacular - bringing in high-vibrational elliptical energies, which connect and cycle in ways other energies don't. The connection between the moon and the Sun and the Sun and the moon are extreme variances and frequencies that will be felt throughout the planet, but especially in the line of path of these events. Being visible within the United States and South America this year is significant. 

Much change occurs within these cyclical frequencies of eclipses - especially when the sky is visibly changed during the solar eclipse. This is a monumental shift point for the visual outer world to witness that then brings in expanding questions, feelings states and so forth. Just the simple act of darkening the sky [when it should be sunny] creates an interesting experience that will have profound effects, as it did in 2017 when the Sun was blocked out by the moon during that eclipse in August of that year. 

These eclipse energies will increase and integrate throughout the months leading up to the winter solstice when this eclipse energetic cycle comes to an end. As these frequencies of the eclipse magnify and strengthen over the next few months, you will witness certain shift points within. This will not affect the global community but will affect the individual and local communities. 

More shift points will happen within relationships. The eclipse energetics will bring the individual into more awareness of their relationship with the outer world. Questions surrounding what is tolerable and not tolerable will take form and become a priority, as a new identity emerges. 

This is what the eclipses bring. The inner-centered individual starts to regain consciousness. Veils start to lift. Although, each person is on their own path with this (life experience and contracts), one will choose accordingly. We recommend staying on the Source Timeline (OCTT) and enjoying the flow. This will bring you into more of who you truly are at your core/center. Do not be alarmed if others move out of your life quite easily after this event. It is a reorganizing experience, to say the least.

There are some who say the land will be changed because of these energetics. We argue the land has already been changed for quite some time, due to a numerous amount of energetics combining with the planetary logos and time stream. This eclipse, because of this foundation laid by cosmic and interplanetary energies, will find a very expansive open field from which these eclipse energetics will be able to anchor more fully than in years past. What you remembered in 2017 as a time of reckoning, opening and awakening will pale in comparison to this season’s eclipses. 

These grid openings within the Earth are present now to assimilate these Sun energetics - especially elliptical eclipse frequencies. When these energies combine and anchor into the earth grid, things will become more…[end of preview] 

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