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Preview: Initiation, Heart Attacks & Intimacy from The 2023 Report

Welcome to the preview of Initiation, Heart Attacks & Intimacy from the "The 2023 Report" New Earth Report

2023 is a powerful year of diving deep inwards, while the outer world restructures itself.

The 2023 Report has a wide variety of categories expanded upon within this report. The following three sections about initiation, heart attacks and intimacy were chosen by my guides to share, as they are integral to the main energetics happening in 2023.

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NOTE: My guides use the following terms in their message:

  • OCT (Original Creation Template of Source)

  • OCTT (Original Creation Template & Timeline of Source - otherwise known as the Original Source Timeline)

  • ACT (Artificial Creation Template)

  • ACTT (Artificial Creation Template & Timeline otherwise known as the 3D Matrix)

from the "The 2023 Report" - New Earth Report

Channeled by Olivia Lundberg from The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides

The Start of a Grand True Self “Initiation” 

On another note, we wish to speak of the “initiation” that will be occurring through 2023 and beyond.  

There is an “initiation” to your True Self energetics in ways that are beyond your understanding at this time that will occur - starting in 2023.  If you thought you’ve been in tune with your True Self already, just wait until this deeper level comes in for you.  

It will be a grand experience for those lightworkers who have been preparing through connecting to their True Self.  We cannot speak of exactly what it will bring in, as that is unique for everyone.  But, we can say this will initiate and open you into more of who you really are on the OCTT and within your Original Creation Template of Source (OCT) energetics...

Heart Attacks on the Rise

As things become “easier” [more easily manifested with less and less energy needs to be expended to see results], many people who cannot release the ACT programming around “work ethic” and the “doing mentality” will be leaving the earth plane.  Some cannot adapt to these changing energetics and have chosen to regroup on the other side.  

“Heart attacks” are an easy way for people to leave the earth plane and many new environmental and substance orientated energetics upon your planet are triggering these attacks.  This is an easy pathway out of the physical this year.  Many of you will not be affected by this in your immediate surroundings of relationship and some of you will know people who have passed in this way.  

There is a normalcy to heart attacks in your society that was not present in centuries prior.  Each century holds an “easy pathway” out of the physical for the soul/being to leave the earth plane.  In past centuries it was various other ailments.

For those of you who are not leaving the earth plane, we suggest following the flow of energy - where less control is needed to manifest than what you have experienced in the past.  Asking your True Self, “Where is the LOVE/Miracle/OCT path through this experience?”, can be of best use of this time and help you flow into this state much more naturally...

True OCT Intimacy

Do not be afraid of True OCT intimacy upon the OCTT.  Because of your heart and soul merging into one and the new calibration of your heart’s give and receive scale…You will naturally be drawn more to experiencing more OCT True Intimacy upon the OCTT this year and beyond.

Your natural body’s internal magnetism will be activated in these new energetics as well.  Which will alert those around you to a new type of intimacy being initiated.

Some will become more attracted to you in this new state and others will move out entirely, as they cannot understand the energetics, and this is not a path they were willing to take in their lifetime.  Do not be afraid of this new type of intimacy and let the desire for this type of intimacy guide you this year.  

There will be ACT “false intimacy” energetics still in place upon the earth plane that will try to act as roadblocks to this new OCT intimacy.  Discernment is key - especially in 2023 and coming years.  Trust your OCT aligned body and your Divine Human form to discern for you who is truly aligned, and OCT orientated and who is not.  

Even those you have known for a while can at times experience life from the place of ACT energetics.  In terms of intimacy this ACT energetics looks more like manipulated and syphoning sexual energies - depending upon how conscious people are of their orientation during intimate experiences.  These ACT energetics have been programmed to “overtake” you and create such intense arousal states, one has a harder time discerning in the moment.  

Set intentions at the start of this 2023 year that all intimacy you experience will be on the OCTT and contain OCT energetics only: “I only consent to OCT intimacy this year and beyond.”…[end of preview] 

This is the end of the preview of "The 2023 Report". To read all 30 sections within the report...

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