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"Universal Tapestry Event Unfolding" - The Adela Channels

Some really interesting energetics are coming down the proverbial cosmic pipeline and into our earth plane. According to my guide, Adela, a star/sun in another universe, we'll see the physical shift points of this consciousness "wave" ripple into our world around the end of March, beginning of April.

It will look different for those upon the artificial path, middle path and Source path. Check out what they said below...

Topics include:

  • A Natural Shifting Has Begun

  • Effects of This on the Artificial, Middle & Source Paths

  • Geopolitics of This Ripple

  • Timeframe for This Shift Point

  • Be Prepared to Light Up

  • Connection to the April 8th Eclipse and/or Solar Flare Event?

  • Eclipses Are Byproducts



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NOTE: My guides use the following terms in their message:

  • OCT (Original Creation Template of Source)

  • OCTT (Original Creation Template & Timeline of Source - otherwise known as the Original Source Timeline)

  • ACT (Artificial Creation Template)

  • ACTT (Artificial Creation Template & Timeline otherwise known as the 3D Matrix)

Universal Tapestry Event Unfolding

Channeled by Olivia Lundberg from "Adela" (an OCT Source Star/Sun in another universe)

(This was the first message to come in about this event...channeled 2-29-24):

There is a major event unfolding in the universal tapestry - a ripple in the fabric of space/time. You will see this outside/aloud as it hits your planet. Many things will shift quickly. Time and space become secondary players in people's lives. Internal structures take precedence now. This is why all of the teachings lead within. Getting your internal ‘house in order’. For those who have not done this...this ripple will sweep them out like a wave receding from shore. The sand remains - what is Source-aligned reality remains. This event is the big Bifurcation Event and the one that has been anticipated by the major Solar Flare Event. Stay connected within. You will always be led through this. Those important people in your life remain tethered to your resonance, so you will not lose your Soul-contracted support for this incarnation through this. Stay true to you. 

Other guides came in and said: “It will be more of an energetic event – non-physical but will affect the physical.” 

(Then on 3-8-24, I went back and spoke with Adela about this event unfolding):

Olivia: Tell me more about this event above - what this creates, how best to prepare and anything else me and my community need to know…

Adela: The event we have described is a larger collective universal tapestry event one cannot necessarily prepare for. It is a consciousness-based wave form that affects consciousness in its resonance and vibratory fields. The frequencies are shifting. This frequency shift is a nuanced shift in particle/antiparticle matter within the universal tapestry. A whole new experience and understanding of experience is coming because of this. It is something that, within your charts of frequencies, can't necessarily be explained. It is a different quantitative element that is being shifted that has not been recognized by your sciences as of late or in this current reality you find yourself in. 

There is a more nuanced variation, one can say, within the frequency band of consciousness that is occurring upon your planet. This is opening those particles within consciousness to a whole new elevated state of awareness. This is a paradigm shift, one could say, or an evolutionary moment in history rippling throughout time and space where any and all consciousness is incarnated and residing [or understanding through its awareness its experience, in whatever body/location/way it has been created to be]. 

A Natural Shifting Has Begun

The nuance of this shift is not to be taken lightly, as this has not necessarily been created by "anyone". It is a natural wave event that happens through cycles of many millions of years. This cycle is not necessarily time-based but gives you an understanding of how rare [in terms of your time] it is to have this come back around. From our perspective, as a star and sun, this is not necessarily a rare event - as we experience all of these moments together as one moment. However, from your perspective, in this experience of more fractured or “separated out” time intervals, this experience has been a long time coming. 

This is the result of your consent [to a certain degree] - allowing this to filter into your awareness through reading this message. Those of you reading this message have consented to being aware of this and therefore called it into your personal consciousness and your energetics that are created in the now moment. This waveform is unique and will be responded to, brought in and integrated in the ways each of you deem necessary - based upon where your frequency band of consciousness resides (the artificial path, middle path or Source path). 

Effects of This on the Artificial, Middle & Source Paths

You will be experiencing this wave band in various ways. Those upon the OCTT, the Source path frequency band we are communicating with, will experience this as a new way of seeing things and being - a shift in understanding. You may be within many years of a challenge or confusion around a particular experience, then get to this place, and all of a sudden, the confusion shifts in the blink of an eye. A whole new way of looking at that situation, or experiencing it, arises. There is a large energetic of creativity within this waveform for those upon the Source path. 

For those upon the middle path, there may not be any awareness of a “shift” but there will be a choice point. This is the undercurrent ripple of the “event horizon” for the middle path - to “find” where their consciousness is located. Is it residing within a mixture of conglomerate frequency bands [of both Artificial and Source frequency bands] within the middle path? Or is it residing in either the artificial path band or the Source path band of frequencies? Once they find/notice where their consciousness is located, they then can commit to maintaining that frequency within their lives or shift. This is the “bifurcation event” for them and them alone - to go either “up” into evolution through the "rising" ascension process of the Source path or devolve “down” into the their unique journey of ascension back to Source through fragmentation within the artificial path. Everyone can make this decision at any time; however, this event's choice point is more of a two-part choice, which becomes the bifurcation event upon the middle path. 

Those upon the artificial path, within this waveform's "ripple", have the opportunity to release their "hold" within their artificial path and move forward into more of a "consciousness shift point" experience. One can say, the artificial and the Source paths are taking this energetic in, in deeper ways, then say the middle path [that really is using it as a choice point to move forward or backwards]. This doesn't mean those upon the artificial path, who work consciously within this energetic and bring in a little bit more nuanced perspective, have shifted onto the Source path's timeline or its frequency band. They have only opened into a more nuanced perspective of their choice to journey through separation and fragmentation back to Source – as this is the path they have chosen and will be staying upon within the artificial path. 

Therefore, many upon the artificial path will stay upon the artificial path through this event. However, there are some upon the artificial path who will use this waveform to leave the artificial path, through their own powerful willpower, healing and desire to move out of the artificial path. These beings will have been holding this desire and doing this work for quite some time. Through this desire and intention, they will use this event horizon and this wave energetic of nuanced frequency to actually “lift themselves up”. To lift their lives out of that artificial path, they will have to expend a lot of energy, focus, intention setting and action-oriented purpose in order to do this. However, this opportunity is very much now a possibility because of this ripple in space-time. 

Geopolitics of This Ripple

In terms of the geopolitical climate and landscape of Earth, within this waveform's ripple, we see the Earth easily receiving this wave of consciousness shifting frequencies in certain areas of its more “open grid”. The areas of its geography that do not contain very many ACT grid structures will take this energetic in more easily. Areas of geography, that have more of the ACT grid structure within it, will try to "move" this energy "around and through" in a different kind of way. Those areas that easily receive this wave, will shift their natural resonance field. Therefore, those within those areas will shift accordingly, whether they are upon the artificial, middle or Source path - it does not matter. 

The areas that hold more of the ACT grid, and are trying to move this waveform around its geography, are the people within geographic areas of the ACT grid – cities and areas that are more "3D matrixed". If there are people upon the Source path or middle path, within those ACT grid areas, they will be the ones to bring that energy in – instead of around. Therefore, in a way, the people and their resonance (where they are located within the frequency bands of artificial, middle or Source path) will dictate whether this energy “breaks through” that more protective layer of the ACT grid. At this time, there is a lot of “dismantling potential” of the 3D ACT grid because of this occurrence. 

Timeframe for This Shift Point

The following also can and will occur with this waveform: the dismantling of the ACT 3grid; moving into collective timelines that are more aligned to Source; getting closer to the Source frequency band of the OCTT; and allowing people to move more easily into the OCTT/Source path. We see, in a dimension of time and space, this is irrelative of time or predictions of time as to when this event will occur. One can say, it is "unfolding" already, as we are giving this message, little by little. People are "bringing this in", in whatever amounts they need and then through whatever time cycles they need. You will see this anchor [or come into fruition] to create some shift points in the physical collective in a matter of weeks - two to four weeks from now [as we see it]. By the end of March and beginning of April you will be able to see this shift point in the collective field. 

Be Prepared to Light Up

This is also why people are feeling more of a prepared/preparatory energy at this time. Some are feeling as though they must rest, repair, prepare, rejuvenate and so forth. There is an understanding that much is to be done at this time to "bring" this energy into the physical realms. Those of you who are called to be out in nature, to just be and walk with that vibrational frequency, will be emanating this frequency - anchoring it into the Earth's natural grid.

You may be noticing [more consciously] other people are aware of your frequency shift because of this waveform. You will start to “light up” - they will not only see your physicality, but also have a sense there is an energy around you. This energy, you are now emitting out in public, may not shift others completely nor allow them to be upon that same frequency band they are witnessing, but this is going to become more conscious now. Those people upon the artificial path/ACT grid, who “see” this frequency emitted from you, will notice it for the moment you are around. Once they are out of the proximity of your being, they will shift back into the ACT frequency band much more quickly than before.

No matter how it unfolds, they will have had this opening. This is not to say you can shift people in and out of their frequency band with your own frequencies, as you must stay within your own timeline and path now. However, there is indeed a “lifting” that is occurring on this Earth because of this waveform and because your cells are able to express these energetics in this way now, which can be seen consciously [or viewed and understood consciously] by those around you. 

This has the added benefit of allowing you a much better experience in public, as you walk within the earth plane. You are no longer walking through crowds of people who cannot understand or register your frequency band. Now you will be finding the souled-beings around you, upon the lower timeline, glimpsing the other frequencies available now through your presence and others who are emanating the same Source frequency band out in public as well. This can be experienced at this time, because of this mutual experience. Do not let this experience take you out of your truth through a potential activation of your ego and/or empathy, as it is necessary to stay within your truth, body and being through this. Do not expect miracles, but also understand much is evolving and much is shifting because of this. It is with this we say our goodbyes. 

Connection to the April 8th Eclipse and/or Solar Flare Event?

(The following was channeled 3-15-24)

Olivia: Is this waveform event connected to the eclipse on April 8th, 2024 and/or the major Solar Flare Event?

Adela: It is not connected to the eclipse on April 8th, which will be seen across parts of the United states. It is, however, very much connected to the solar flare events and the light blast many people have already experienced [and will continue to experience], culminating into what people call "the solar flare event". This is a photon packet event that is not necessarily visible to the human eye - although some people can see it. Technology and advanced scientific measurement systems (AI) will not be able to see this light event because of its limiting array of receivers. 

The Divine Human eye and being can feel and sense this, however. Therefore, it really is a measurement of the Divine Humans within the earth plane that are affected and can take in this energetic. Remember this, as no technology is ever able to fully replicate the abilities of the Divine Human form within this earth plane and beyond. You are magnificent in this way. This is also what this consciousness waveform event will bring to you - more of an understanding of your inherent natural biology within the universe/s. This is an important part of the ascension process for your planet and beyond - specifically, bringing back the Divine Human template within the earth planes at this time. One can say, this conscious awareness is coming back to you - to choose to embrace and reconnect with the Divine Human form and DNA templates of Source within you. You are undergoing the evolution of consciousness through this event and journey of the ascension process. 

Eclipses Are Byproducts

The eclipse is just a byproduct or a secondary aspect of time and space - a measurement of space and time. Many people put a lot of emphasis on certain eclipses and therefore activate certain energetics within them, as a result of these occurrences. However, the way we see it, the eclipse is not necessarily “bringing” anything to you. It is a reflection of the covering of moon and sun (depending on what kind of eclipse you have). The creative energy, intention and focus of many people upon those astronomical events creates the energetics [or openings] to allow certain energetics to filter through from higher dimensions into the earth plane.

Therefore, one can say the intentions of the majority of people creates the importance given to this eclipse. Where you focus your intention creates a point within your life. You can set a lot of intentions of what you want this eclipse to be for you, but this event, that we speak of above and have been over the past few weeks, has no bearing whatsoever on this upcoming eclipse. This eclipse is being used by others within the earth plane to help them move forward because of their intention on what they want this eclipse to be. 

Even though the underlying natural phenomena of an eclipse is a “neutral event”, the dimming of the Sun can affect one psychologically and physiologically. Therefore, this solar eclipse [and all eclipses] can be felt as a reboot of consciousness into a new timeline because of this dimming of light. Eclipses are an "abnormality", which in your universe/quadrant/solar system/planet isn’t found within your daily life occurrances. The rarity of these solar eclipses is an “opportunity”, one can say, but this is not necessarily tied to this natural waveform of the universal tapestry that is unfolding and as of which we speak. 

With love and appreciation for you all at this time, as you are a very integral part of this creation tapestry and ascension process unfolding... 

Thank you, 



"'Universal Tapestry Event Unfolding' - The Adela Channels": Copyright © 2024 by Olivia Lundberg | All Rights Reserved

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