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"Chaotic Nodes & the Geopolitical Climate of 2024" - The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides

Have you noticed waves of chaotic energies moving through your communications lately?

As the liberation energy flows through the planet at this time, so too do chaotic energetics. I asked my guides about this and how to release them. Check out what they said below.

Topics include:

  • Chaotic Nodes Are Flowing

  • Yearly Cycles Are a Belief

  • New Waking Up Energetics

  • How to Release the Chaotic Nodes

  • Geopolitics Are Transient Experiences Now

This message is especially helpful for those of you having to communicate with rigid people firmly fixed to the ACT 3D grid…And those of you watching closely the geopolitics happening now.



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NOTE: My guides use the following terms in their message:

  • OCT (Original Creation Template of Source)

  • OCTT (Original Creation Template & Timeline of Source - otherwise known as the Original Source Timeline)

  • ACT (Artificial Creation Template)

  • ACTT (Artificial Creation Template & Timeline otherwise known as the 3D Matrix)

Chaotic Nodes & the Geopolitical Climate of 2024

Channeled by Olivia Lundberg from The Councils of Light, Timeline Guides & Diamond Sun of the Earth

Chaotic Nodes Are Flowing

It is difficult to say what is going to happen, as future predictions about the ACTT are no longer necessarily true upon this new earth and the Source timeline. The timelines of the ACTT no longer are merged together in this way. However, we can observe what choices are being made within the bigger geopolitical spectrum, the world and the core of the Earth at this time to find those resonances and frequencies coming through the surface and into the earth plane of the physical environment and material form. These chaotic nodes, spoken of in The 2024 Report, are making themselves known throughout the world in both the “micro” daily life of individuals, as well as the “macro” of larger communities. 

It is of the utmost importance you recognize these chaotic nodes, as they filter through experience and communication - especially between people. It is easy to feel into this, but harder to stop the flow of these chaotic nodes when one is unaware they are being manipulated and/or violated into doing what these chaotic nodes are asking of them. There is a wave-like form to these chaotic nodes. They hook into and flow through the energetics of each individual template of a person - specifically the nervous and respiratory systems. Notice your breath, when you are triggered, and feelings of inspiration that are obsessive. Notice these heightened states that take you out of your center. This is important, as we move forward into this year and beyond [and especially now], as a lot of people and places are transitioning into “new year energetics”. 

Yearly Cycles Are a Belief

Of course, there is no such thing as a “new year”. It is always “continual flow” upon the OCTT. However, one can get carried away into believing there is indeed an “end of the year” and the “beginning of the new year”. There are new energetics, yes, which tend to anchor into the beginning of the calendar year because this is the system your society has implemented to work with upgrading cycles. In other words, this is the belief system which brings new frequencies into your collective through yearly cycles. If you did not have this system, there would be more of a flow state. Another system could also be implemented to become the “container” in your physical reality for these higher energetics and dimensional planes of experience wanting to manifest into your world through energetic cycles upon your planet. 

New Waking Up Energetics

Because of the energetics happening now and the belief system of people which allows these energetics to come through [based upon the new year container], we are seeing this transition into these newer energetics taking a toll within the hearts and minds of the greater communities and collective. This is the “fracturing” of the ACT mental bodies of individuals - waking them from their deep sleep of non-awareness or unconsciousness. These energetics are bringing people into more of an aligned state. Within some people, this can be seen as separation and unconsciousness, denial and escapism, ramping up of power plays and an instigation of more assertive and aggressive acts. 

This is where your discernment into what path is aligned for you, the choices you have, staying in your center and recognizing these chaotic energies and nodes [flowing in waves into your space] are of the utmost importance. Remember, there is power in non-acceptance. There is power in non-assertiveness. There is power in silence and knowing when to speak and what to say. There is disempowerment in living “off the cuff” in these situations. Taking in these energetics, flowing them and throwing them back are not how chaotic nodes are dismantled; this is how they are sustained. Therefore, it is important you do not flow these chaotic nodes out and into others. Make sure you stop these energetics in their tracks, as they are expressed or experienced by you. 

How to Release the Chaotic Nodes

There are simple ways to recognize when you have been “overtaken” by these waves of energies. It is easy to reassess and recenter afterwards by literally standing up and coming into a state of feeling into your body. Stand still upon the earth plane, grounded by your feet. Do not sit in a chair; stand up straight and relaxed. Feel into the floor. Feel the energy of your whole entire body being present. Close your eyes. Be in a place of no distractions if you can and just “be” in that standing position. This is not the mountain pose of yoga. There is no need to do anything perfectly. Just relax, stand and feel into the floor of your feet. Let energy flow down and feel the heaviness of your body in the best way possible. 

There is a power in coming into your body in this way. When you do this stance, these chaotic nodes, and the energies they have brought into your being, can release. You are now encompassing and embodying your physical plane. The physical plane is where these chaotic energies wish to embody. They want to reside in this space. However, when you are fully embodied in your physical form, they cannot anchor into your physical experience anymore. This is why and how these chaotic nodes flow – in order to manifest. If you are too much in your mental and/or emotional body, if you are not in wholeness within your physical form, you are susceptible to running these chaotic nodes more easily into your life and experiences. It is an important practice throughout your day to come into your physical form in this way. 

Geopolitics Are Transient Experiences Now

Recognize also that anything geopolitical happening is very transient. It is not permanent and will flow in and out very quickly because of these chaotic nodes. Whatever happens, in terms of the geopolitics happening now [even within individual States and locales], is not necessarily an expression of your life, nor is it a creative experience you must undertake. This is very important to discern. Be in an observational space and express an interesting curiosity, but do not immediately embody those experiences happening around you. This is an important shifting of time, which is a transitionary time. Therefore, things are going to come in and out very quickly. Time will feel sped up. 

Many things will spark and shape your reality around you. However, most of them are transitory and temporary states “popping and bursting at the seams” to become something else - just as yeast, which activates from its dry state before making bread, starts to bubble and foam. The yeast activation, however, is not the bread. It is just the beginning of the process. Therefore, watch the news channels you get your geopolitical information from as only bursts and pops. They are the bubbles activating new shapes of reality. However, reality has not been shaped into the loaf pan of life yet to be baked and created and expressed through experience. 

With love in our hearts for you all at this time,

-The Councils of Light, Timeline Guides & Diamond Sun of the Earth

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