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"Taking Back Your Power" - The Councils of Light & Founders

You've reached a shift point where choosing your own empowerment and releasing extremes of fear is becoming easier to do. Releasing contracts, you unknowlingly agreed to, to be the emotional battery for beings in other dimensions is the main focus now.

Check out what my guides, The Councils of Light and Founders, said below...

Topics include:

  • The Collective “Battery”

  • Recognize the “Poke”

  • The Theater of Geo-Politics

  • Gluten & Lightening

  • The Gradual Shift into Source Living



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NOTE: My guides use the following terms in their message:

  • OCT (Original Creation Template of Source)

  • OCTT (Original Creation Template & Timeline of Source - otherwise known as the Original Source Timeline)

  • ACT (Artificial Creation Template)

  • ACTT (Artificial Creation Template & Timeline otherwise known as the 3D Matrix)

Taking Back Your Power

Channeled by Olivia Lundberg from The Councils of Light & Founders

(Originally channeled 6-12-24)

The Collective “Battery”


We wish to highlight the considerable amount of stress being felt and flowing through the world at this time. There is a lot of energy from subconscious fear, anxiety and challenge being harnessed in other dimensions - utilized as fuel sources. Therefore, stress states are being sparked and charged up in this dimension of physicality to feed and fuel other dimensions of time and space. The collective is being used as a battery, and this is unfair for your personal lives.


Therefore, it is important you release extreme fear states and anxieties that arise. They will not come true and they are taxing your nervous system. The holding of space, discernment and consent is always needed on this earth plane - especially as your global community goes through massive dismantling of its ACT grid and the separation between timelines (OCTT and ACTT). However, we wish to share with you the fact that Source flow is abundant now. Source energetics are flowing. You are never unwillingly victimized. It is always a conscious choice, and the choice is becoming easier to choose.


Would you like to stay in the fear cycles of helplessness and hopelessness or in the abundant empowerment flow of Source timelines? This is becoming an easier choice to make because the veils are thinning. The ACT grid does not have a hold on the nervous systems of individuals as it once did. When the ACT grid had a hold on the nervous system of individuals it could easily manipulate frequencies, in the flow states of the body, to induce fear and panic. Now you are taking back your power from the ACT grid. This is what is happening now.


Recognize the “Poke”


Therefore, be aware when someone is telling you to be afraid of something. They may actually being used to “poke” at you to get you to react. Prolonged fear states are not your truths. When you are provoked into fear, go within and ask yourself: “Is this true for me? Is this my truth?” This can be a helpful tool to discern what is just poking at you to get you to react and what is truly coming from within as your aligned choice point of frequency.


Remember, beings within other dimensions utilize your fear state. They have a direct link to the collective and use them as their emotional energy battery. This has actually been implanted within each of your nervous systems, since incarnating upon Earth. However, when you choose and consent to moving onto the Source timeline, your energy field and your physicality shift to deactivate, neutralize and then release those energetic, other dimensional, non-physical implants that connect you to those dimensions. This releases you from the contracts to be a battery for these beings, in other dimensions, you agreed to unwillingly/unknowingly when you incarnated.


This is an important shift point upon your planet and one that is not going unnoticed by other beings throughout the universes. What you do here matters. This earth plane is such a pivotal pinpoint of powerful energetics rippling out into the cosmos/Universe at this time. As you shift into more Source flow states, and out of the dismantling ACT grid, you ripple out that choice point of empowerment and sovereignty for other beings throughout the Universe, that have been enslaved by these same ACT systems, to step out and do the same - to choose their empowerment and flow states.


The Theater of Geo-Politics


As you can see, so much of the theater of your politics and geopolitics at this time is just that - theater. This theater is unfolding for “viewers” who want to partake in the entertainment of that system. Yes, politics have power. However, at this time, the individual is more powerful than any geopolitical system than ever before. This means the consent and opening of empowerment within you (in your personal life) shifts your flow states and your focus, releasing energy you are giving unknowingly to the political arena and spectrum of frequency. This, then, shifts those areas of politics, and the players within them, into having less and less power from their constituents.


The “policymakers” have been using the body politic of its people as energy batteries to feed their agendas for quite some time. The more people look at and discern what's really going on, the more they take back their power and release it from these policymakers. Governments, then, do not have the power from the energetics of the people, as they once did. There are so many levels to the taking back of individual power happening now. This is the main focus: look at who and what you are giving your power away to by examining anything in your life you are afraid of.

Gluten & Lightening


When you are afraid of something, you are giving your power to it. This can be anything - a person, food, situation, air, environment, etc. For example, when you have a lightning storm that looks like it could turn into a tornado, you are scared. This is a normal reaction. However, when you fixate on that fear and feel helpless, that is when you know you have given your power away. When this happens, bring your energy back to the core center of your body - the light within you. Bring your power back.


Another example people have been fixated upon and giving their power away to is gluten. When you see posts on social media about the “dangers of gluten”, genetically modifying the flour/wheat structure and advice to avoid it at all costs, understand and discern this for yourself: “Is this true for me?” Perhaps this is your body’s way of helping you make better nutrition choices for your unique composition.


However, when you fixate on wheat/gluten and become fearful of it, to the point where you are throwing away everything that has the tiniest semblance of flour in your home because you’re afraid you will become ill if you eat it, this is when you have given your power away to that substance. You have given your power away to that wheat and those people who have shifted the wheat. You’ve energetically told them you agree to being afraid. Your body then shifts accordingly, and it lets whatever gluten products you've eaten to negatively affect your system based upon that fear vibration within you.


The Gradual Shift into Source Living


Therefore, we recommend, when you hear anything that brings in fear or panic, to go into trust within your core/center and ask yourself: “What do I need? Is this true for me?” Then, you will know what you need to do. We guarantee what you don’t need to do is to fixate on the extreme and release it from your environment through fear. Remember, you are gradually bringing back your power into these situations, as you shift onto the Source timeline.


Therefore, you may be led to work with substances others are afraid of because you are in your core truth and power. By working with those substances in this way, you are protected from their negative effects and you may not be drawn to products that have harmful substances in them anymore. Your power and protection comes from within you. Only you know what you need to do, and the only way to find your truth comes from releasing extremes of fear/panic.


This goes for relationships as well. People you have been afraid of, now do not have the same hold upon you when you’re focusing on living from the Source timeline. You are not afraid of them as you once were upon the ACT grid. You now see them as tiny specks in the midst of the grander creation. They are not connected to you through fear/panic/victimhood. This is also what is happening at this time around the world. Your power is coming back to you in this way.


Move through and understand the fears that come forward during your life in your day-to-day activities. Understand, sit with them, let them flow, release them and then see how they unfold. Always consent to having your power be brought back into your center through this process. You will come to the aha’s you need to release the holds of these people, things, foods, air, vibrations - whatever it is you have been fixated upon that you think is creating the horrible things in your life. They will go away and release naturally, the more you understand this basic principle of choosing to be in Source flow and living from the Source frequencies of the Source path on the Source timeline.


When you choose to this, you reclaim your power and let go of things once holding power over you. You are the only one that has the power to change your life. For when you're on the Source band of creation you are truly a Source-aligned creator.


With love in our hearts for you all at this time,

- The Councils of Light & Founders


"'Taking Back Your Power' - The Councils of Light & Founders": Copyright © 2024 by Olivia Lundberg | All Rights Reserved

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