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8-Week Big Soul Parenting
Class Application

Application Deadlines: one week before 1st class call

I run this class based upon demand & my intuitive guidance:

We meet 4 times,
bi-weekly (every other week) via Zoom - taking holiday weeks off

For specific dates... Contact Olivia



Thank you for your interest in my 8-week Big Soul Parenting Class!  


Acceptance will be based upon the answers you give in this application.  


You will be notified via email shortly after you submit the application letting you know if you got in along with next steps. 



To apply, please take the time to fill out the information below.

The class description resonates with me - I am a “Glass-Half-Full” empathic man or woman who believes in freedom, sovereignty and can see or just starting to see the true reality of what’s going on in the world and ready to step into my Big Soul Parenting Role for the empowerment of future generations.
Disclaimer: Olivia is an intuitive facilitator/guide, not a psychotherapist. This class CANNOT help you or your child heal severe trauma, during extreme life experiences or in a life-threatening emergency. If you have any such issues, please contact the appropriate professional.
Are you a parent or legal guardian who's over 18 years of age?
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