Forest with questin for Empathic Lightworkers

Are You a "Glass Half-Full" Empathic Lightworker...


who's healed a major portion of your journey

& ready to live a life you LOVE?

 Giving back to the world in bigger ways 

 Without fear and in full trust in the support of the Universe 


If so, you're in the right place.


Hi, I'm Olivia! 



Especially when it comes to YOU amazing Empathic Lightworker!

Since 2010, I've helped

over 800 Empaths:

  • Step out of the metaphysical closet

  • Trust themselves & their unique intuitive & healing abilities

  • Up-level into their amazing Soul Purpose & Truth  

  • Shine their light into the world in the wonderful way they came down here to do

Using My 'True Self Method'


A powerfully simple intuitive method

that is THE game-changer for Empaths

Cause, let's face it...

Life any other way, as an Empath...

Just eats you alive.

You Are Meant to Step Out 

Into the World & SHINE! 

  • Even if you don't realize it yet 
  • Been told you can't 
  • Or are afraid to feel joy in the midst of so much sadness, chaos & destruction happening in the world 


 When you SHINE...your LIGHT ignites the LIGHT in others. 

Embrace your Magic MOJO & MUCHO Amazingness!

Because the earth needs right NOW...

To fully embrace your unique gifts & creativity & release the fears & restrictions you've been told were your truths, but really aren't.

Especially now, as the 3D collective goes through a massive shift.

 Forget what you've been told! 

Shining your LIGHT isn't about positive thinking

or how many certifications you have under your belt...



It's all about Trusting, LOVING & Truly Believing in yourself.




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Activate Your True Self & Live a Life You LOVE

Step Into Your Empowerment! 

Olivia is a great role model and inspiration in this industry, and for me personally

on my healing are incredible at what you do.  Thank you!


– Megan S.


Choose Your Path...

Being in this like minded community [of Spark Your Week!] has been powerful and uplifting!! I encourage anyone called to join to do it!

You have only great insights and spiritual growth to gain.... nothing to lose!


- Marianne J.

Join me & together we will...


Reignite your life with deeper meaning

Activate your inner strength and intuitive clarity

Transform your life through aligning to your TRUE SELF

Fuel your world with more joy, LOVE, abundance and connection

Open doors to giving back to the world in the important ways you're meant to

Have questions? Let's talk...

or email me...

 'Cause It's Time to Remember Who You Truly Are... 




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from some of the wonderful clients

I've worked with in the past - here...

Just for You "Wayshowers"...

Step Into Your Empowerment!

Join my FREE 5-Day Empath Empowerment Challenge

& join our community of Empathic Lightworkers just like yourself 

who are creating a life they LOVE with their True Self!

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