Your Soul Purpose IS to 

Live a Life You LOVE!




Empaths, It's Time to LOVE Your Life,

Through Reconnecting to Your TRUE SELF, Intuition & Soul Gifts!


You are meant to live a life you LOVE; giving back to the world in bigger ways, without fear and in full trust in the support of the universe, by connecting to your divinely inspired TRUE SELF, which houses your Soul Gift Superpowers of Intuition, Purpose and Creation.

As an Empath, your TRUE SELF is the last place you're taught to connect to.  You've been conditioned to give away your power and survive by making sure everyone around you is taken care of at the expense of yourself.


Fortunately, your TRUE SELF has been calling you back to it for quite some time.  And I'm here to say, it's the most important journey you'll ever make.

Because you are the most powerful creator of your reality when you're creating from your Truth within you, you easily create a life you LOVE. 


Any other way creates fleeting moments of success and repeating cycles of lack.

It's the Quantum Law of the universe, "As Within, So Without" - everything in your world is created by your inner world.

You can create with either Truths or Illusions.


When you head that call, go within and partner with your TRUE SELF, your transform you life through the power of your Truths.  


Which means...

No more looking outside of yourself for validation.  

You completely trust yourself and know without a doubt you are worthy, just as you are.

No more trying to fix your outer world to feel safe enough to be you in it.  

Because now you are truly safe and secure within your own body and BE-ing.


I promise you, this is what it means to be free.  

You can do this!

Hello, I'm Olivia, a Transformation & Manifestation Expert, Akashic Reader & Reiki Master Teacher who specializes in helping Empathic Lightworkers:

  • Step out of the metaphysical closet.

  • Reclaim their power and create a life they truly LOVE.

  • Finally trust themselves and their unique intuitive & healing abilities.

  • Channel their own Divine Truths into the world. 

  • Up-level into their amazing Soul Purpose & Gifts.  

  • Shine their light into the world in the wonderful way they came down here to do.

Through unique Akashic Readings, Reiki Sessions, Metaphysical Classes & Premium Programs, I've helped over 800 Empaths partner with their TRUE SELF, activate their intuitive and energy healing Soul Gifts and transform their lives.

This activation opens the gateway to more:

Connection to the world around you

Empowerment to live the life YOU choose 

Fulfilling, healthy and genuinely loving relationships

Vibrant health

In-flow of money

Soul-aligned success

"Olivia coached and supported me through a difficult experience, helped open me up to my own clarity and taught me how to trust my own intuition."


– Jennifer G.


I know what it's like to be an Empathic Lightworker and...

  • Dim your light

  • Play small

  • Live other people's versions of what life is meant to be  


I understand the overwhelm and fear that gathers before you powerfully and unapologetically decide to own your own truths and live a life you LOVE.  

And I've also witnessed, first-hand,

the power of courageously manifesting the life you're meant to live 

when you realize you have nothing left to lose.


Which is why I'm passionate about helping Empathic Lightworkers expand their notion of what's possible and live their deep Soul Truths.​ 

"I had no idea what to expect from our session together,

but wow, what a difference it has made!  

Since then there's been MAJOR business transition!  

I know this is the right path because it's happening easily! No stress."


– Sarah N.

Join me and together we will...


Reignite your life with deeper meaning.

Activate your inner strength and intuitive clarity.

Transform your life through aligning to your TRUE SELF.

Fuel your world with more joy, LOVE, abundance and connection.

Open doors to giving back to the world in the important ways you're meant to. 

Read more testimonials from some of the wonderful clients I've worked with in the past here

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