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"The Frequency Wars" - The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides

There is a war over the frequency of the planet that is accelerating our growth and shifting the outcome of the Earth for the better.

Staying in our inner planes of sovereign higher frequencies is key now and moving forward.

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The Frequency Wars

From The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides - channeled by Olivia Lundberg

(Originally Channeled July 11th, 2023)

Energetics are “battling” within the global arena for control of frequencies. There is a bigger “frequency war” happening right now that you are being consciously made aware of through the ups and downs that you feel from day-to-day.

Do not lose hope, dear one, this is part of a restructuring event at a very high-level of consciousness that is coming down into the physical. The higher dimensions are releasing and reorganizing, not just you, but your physical earth plane as well. We see these pockets restructuring materially and physically in various locations upon the earth at different times. There’s no rhyme nor reason to these areas that are restructuring. Some of you will experience this restructuring energetic in your current geography, as we see these as waves moving across the land. 

As this frequency war continues to take hold, this battle within the “sky” is not for your eyes only. It is within the consent and hearts of all of humanity at this time. As the global and higher dimensions reset, restructure and realign to a new set of frequencies, so too does your inner being, your body and yourselves. You will notice there are times of massive inspirational moments and downloads and then a quick shift into [or back into] old patterns and fears. This is the frequency war within you that is reflecting the outer. 

There is not much you can do to change this event. It must be walked through at this time. It must be endured or processed with “eyes wide open”. Yes, do clear. Do set boundaries. Do what you need to stay in self-care and self-awareness at all times. Definitely ride the waves of inspiration when they arrive.

For the times that are more “low points”, we recommend resting, napping and resetting your mindset - not doing anything. Take a moment, take a breath and try to clear your mind by not thinking and being empty - an empty vessel. Stating consent at these times is helpful to a degree, but not something that's going to totally shift this experience for you all. 

There is a higher purpose to this time. Do not get sucked into lower frequencies and think those are where you live from. You are moving and elevating up into higher planes of consciousness, as your life also is rerouting itself into these new frequency bands. You will see this with the Schumann Resonance dropping and raising frequently throughout this time. You will also sense atmospheric events happening within your planet and within your geography that are much akin to geoengineering, but really are the frequency part of the frequency wars and shifts upon your planet. 

This cycle of time is one of increased urgency to stay in alignment. You will feel that need and desire to be one with all that is, but not know where to even start. This will diminish, as it integrates. Keep moving up into the light from the darkness, while being with yourself. In other words, try to be in as complete wholeness as you can - imagining all parts of yourself joined together and impenetrable. Within time, there are always wars being fought somewhere - internally or externally. This cycle is no different. 

This cycle marks an interesting point within the earth where the higher dimensional planes are now able to access and positively influence the earth in ways that it hasn't seen in quite some time. This is a good experience, but a hard one, as much shifts when higher frequency beings come into the earth plane [or when higher frequencies restructure the earth plane]. Do not get looped into what you see around you. Trust in yourself and through the confusion, just be. 

With love in our hearts for you all at this time,

-The Councils of Light & Timeline Guides


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